New Water Aquaculture 2050
New Water Aquaculture 2050

New Water 2050: we're Homesteading the Oceans & making Deserts Bloom!

What is C3?

Communal Co-Existence and Co-Evolution

The C3 series of robots is a revolutionary technology & concept. Never before has a machine been designed to, simultaneously, correct environmental, social, political and economic imbalance. It is, arguably, the most powerful tool presented to the average person to better himself since the coming of the personal computer, and is comparable to the coming of the automobile & electricity. We have achieved that goal with an elegant design that integrates itself, seamlessly, into the world of today as it builds the world of tomorrow.

Using advanced, patented technology from the fields of cybernetics, electro-chemistry, robotics, biology and aerospace engineering these machines literally “see” flaws in the world around them and correct those flaws by restoring the natural balance and producing abundance as a result. They do this powered solely by the natural energy flowing all around us, all the time, while using whatever materials are at hand. Let's look at this revolutionary robot feature by feature.

First, why a robot? The answer to that is counter-intuitive. It has long been assumed that robots replace workers and, so far, that is mostly true. However, this presents a paradox. If robots made everything no one would have a job so there would be no one able to buy what the robots made and, thus, no need for the robots. Suppose the robot did not replace a worker. Suppose the worker owned the robot. Then the robot no longer replaces the worker, it replaces the employer. This is our philosophy and business model. Our robots are affordable by most people and they can perform the work of numerous people, thus making the owner the equal of many workers. The overall availability of goods & services increases and everyone benefits to various degrees, all without the need for edicts or insurrection. This restores balance to economic democracy which, in turn, restores balance to political democracy. Free Enterprise quietly supplants crony capitalism. In short, robots are MORE useful to people than they are to corporations as they provide an alternative economic opportunity and lifestyle. Freedom from want is the freedom upon which all the others are based.

Next, how does it know what to do? Whether we think of it that way or not, all systems, natural or man-made, need to remain in balance and regenerate themselves. Otherwise they ultimately consume everything and die. We tend to focus on our piece of the cycle, which gives the illusion everything is “once through”, but when you look at all the pieces together you see the cycle. The robots maintain, within themselves, an ideal cycle. Their A.I., artificial intelligence, uses sensors to detect the status of both the “ideal” system inside the robot, and the real-world system outside the robot. The A.I. calculates a stress gradient between the two and sets the robot to normalizing those stresses. These stresses are usually imbalances, too much of one thing, not enough of another. The robot removes the excesses and converts them into useful products that fill in the deficiencies. Balance is restored.


This is 138 feet in diameter and 63 feet tall

Biological Desalination tests

We grew mangrove in our patented growth units and used artificial lighting to simulate weather at all temperate and tropical latitudes for 12 months. The mangrove remained healthy in all cases. Their transpiration rate is 3 to 5 times that possible by simple solar evaporation and, unlike solar, they transpire at night.

VBShdl-1 robot

These can be used to clean lakes, ponds & waterways. They can desalinate seawater for pennies per acre-foot or be used for mariculture.

Deus Ex Machina

Who We Are

We make the most amazing robots in the world because they are meant for owner-operators like you. They raise food; they desalinate seawater; they allow the virtual settlement of America's E.E.Z. 

Be a Pelagic Homesteader.....

You, too, can make DESERTS BLOOM

These robots are not for corporations or the wealthy. These are human-scale machines that anyone can own and use to make a better world.

B.E.AR. Oceanics

The Pelagos Project


Imagine what it would be like if we suddenly had TWO more Earths to live on. Imagine a world were everyone has access to a good living. Imagine a world where food, clean water, clean energy and ultra-strong new materials are not only available in abundance, but at a cost easily affordable by anyone. Imagine a world where these vital products are produced by intelligent machines, controlled from home, but operating in remote fields, on lakes and rivers, or at sea. Imagine these products being used directly in the community, creating new, well-paying jobs, both blue and white collar. Imagine a world where a global network of people and their robots are linked together, sharing information and reacting to each others' problems at the speed of light. We have imagined such a world and created the technology to make it a reality. The Pelagos Project will make the equivalent of two new Earths for everyone.

Robots at SEA!!

We are building robots to clean the Toxic Algae Blooms plaguing the world's oceans.


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